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Naughty America is a successful porn studio based in San Diego, California. The company was founded in June 2001 under the brand name SoCal Cash and started out with only a small complement of staff. In March 2004, it changed its name to Naughty America.

For a time, its logo carried the date, 1776 as a reference to the United States Declaration of Independence. In it, Thomas Jefferson declared the right of “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The logo has changed over the years, and although it's a simple, red, white and blue title, the company philosophy remains the same. “The philosophy of Naughty America is simple,” the company stated in a press release. “We deliver quality adult entertainment that features the sexual practices of the American bedroom.”

What Exactly is Naughty America?

Naughty America is an American pornography studio and online platform for adults, which contains a wide range of video content in different categories. This subscription-based website draws most of its users from North America. Popular because if the variety of its content, Naughty America also offers a variety of memberships. They offer a limited-access trial membership, a monthly recurring subscription and two annual sign-ups, one of which comes with five bonus sites. Full membership also gives access to their virtual reality porn collection.

A Brief History of Naughty America


The company was founded as SoCal Cash and started small.


SoCal became Naughty America.


Already producing a variety of porn sites, and building a good name for itself, Naughty America launched an educational website with a twist. Naughty America History was still a porn site, but it was also an interactive history lesson. Users answered questions on American history, and for every correct answer, the model removed another piece of clothing. The gimmick, as some called it, was successful, but now, in 2022, seems to be unavailable.

[Naughty America Announces Launch of Naughty American History]


By 2008, the company was employing over 60 staff and had made over 70 DVDs for general release. Naughty America DVDs had been distributed by Pureplay Media since November 2005, while, on their website, they were offering more than 6,900 member-only videos.

Also, in January 2008, the company diversified into gay porn with their exclusive content site, Suite 703. The site ran for several years and proved popular. Its content is now included in the gay porn site, Richard XXX, owned by the same company as Naughty America, La Touraine, Inc, of San Diego, California. Richard XXX, and Suite 703 employ known porn stars such as Dominic Pacifico, Dante Colle and Jack Hunter, and are known for their studs and jocks.

In October 2018, Naughty America geared up to offer an Adobe Air application, 'Naughty America Direct.' Described as 'an iTunes for porn' , the app sold individual, full-length and DRM-free scenes for $1.99 each, with no need for a subscription. The service looked to be a popular move, but it was shut down shortly after its launch due to the departure of the developer in charge. There has been no more news of it since.


Naughty America continued with its subscription-based service, adding to its library of sites and movies for members only, while releasing more DVDs, and in 2015, announced a revamp of its box covers. In an announcement, Hyland C, a representative of Pureplay Media, the distributors, said, “Naughty America is the king of fantasy porn. It always has been and continues to be a top-selling studio in the market. Now, its box cover designs are bursting with even more sex—they're hot!”

The new-look box covers and logo were designed to add more porn appeal to the brand and featured a bigger background with more hardcore imagery than previously shown.

2016 and Virtual Reality

“Ian Paul, CIO of Naughty America, thinks the world is ready for virtual reality porn.” So wrote Willie Clark in an article for in June 2016. Porn was going through a slump at this time, and porn producers were looking for ways to bring back paying punters. Free clip and giveaway sites were ever popular, offering porn for free, and many smaller studios were struggling. The larger players, like Naughty America, had to come up with a better idea, and VR porn seemed the natural way to go.

In September 2016, The Economic Times wrote, Virtual Reality is not just dragging viewers to the portals but is also solving a fundamental problem that the industry has faced for years now — getting them to use their credit cards, and quoted Ian Paul as saying, "It's giving people a reason to pay for porn again. The experience is leagues beyond content you would find on a free site." Naughty America VR is a site in its own right with over 768 VR videos, but its content can also be found on the Naughty America Network, where there are now more than 11,000 original movies.

Naughty America Naughty Stories

Unlike some major porn networks, Naughty America has steered clear of controversy, but it's not been without its share of lawsuits and problems.


In September 2009, The Mercury News reported: Sioux Falls, S.D. — National American University has agreed to drop its lawsuit accusing a California pornography provider of trademark violations and cyber piracy for its use of Naughty American University and the acronym NAU.

Running with the theme of 'naughty is nice', Naughty America used the word 'naughty' in several of its site titles; Naughty Office, Naughty Weddings, and Naughty Athletics are examples. However, the lawsuit came about because of a site they launched, Naughty American University (NAU). National American University took objection to NA's use of the college and academic themes which underscored the hardcore porn at NA's site, Fast Times at NAU. The suit was filed but later dropped when La Touraine agreed to stop using the university's trademark.


In April 2016, A hacker who claims to have breached the servers of porn website Naughty America is offering up millions of accounts on the site for around $300, Forbes' Thomas Fox-Brewster reports. This story was covered by Insider, who reported that 3.8 million emails and passwords had appeared on the dark web forum, The Real Deal. Of the 3.8 million, 1.7 were allegedly Naughty America memberships, while more came from other La Touraine sites. Ian Paul, the CIO of Naughty America stated that they were carrying out a full scan of their systems and an audit of their security, and no breaches have been recorded since. Naughty America remains a safe adult site to sign up to.

Not long after, Naughty America signed up with the blockchain, DECENT, to develop a platform focusing on intellectual property (IP) rights and the protection of privacy. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform employed digital fingerprinting of videos that made it “possible to track and secure each piece of content on the network from the moment it is created and uploaded.”

“Fighting piracy and protecting privacy are key priorities for Naughty America,” Ian Paul is quoted as saying, and that statement is as sound today as it was in 2016.

Naughty America Sites & Content

As of September 2022, Naughty America had 81 sites advertised on their network tour pages. Some of these sites, such as the 'Live' collection are one-off series, and therefore, they no longer update. Some were intended to be small collections of something unique, such as the VR 'Fuck a Pornstar' collection, while others are sites with ongoing updates.

* Scene count and last update info is as at September 2022
Site NameContent Count*NicheLast update
My Friend's Hot Mom1132Milfs01/08/22
Thundercock89Big dick01/08/22
Real Porn Stars37Pornstars01/07/22
T & A13Tits and Ass01/11/20
Mom's Money 8Milfs01/03/20
After School35Teens01/08/22
The Dressing Room25Milfs01/05/22
The Gym25Sport01/06/22
The Office23Office sex01/06/22
The Dorm Room13Coeds01/05/22
Fuck My Ass6Anal VR01/12/18
My Girlfriend23Girlfriends01/07/22
Porn Star Experience131Pornstars VR01/08/22
Spring Break4Coeds01/04/22
Summer Vacation19Coeds01/07/22
Super Sluts9Hardcore01/03/22
The Spa11Hardcore01/10/21
True Slut Stories3Reality01/09/18
Mrs Creampie43Milf creampies01/12/20
College Sugarbabes26Coeds01/05/21
Party Girls11Hardcore01/02/22
My First Sex Teacher793Hardcore 01/08/22
Watch Your Wife23Milfs01/09/19
Open Family10Hardcore01/05/19
Naughty Office833Office01/08/22
My Sister's Hot Friend1107Hardcore01/08/22
Latina Stepmom2Latina01/01/19
Asian 1 on 172Asian01/04/22
Big Cock Hero11Big dick01/12/19
Slut Stepsister18Taboo01/03/19
Sleazy Stepdad7Taboo01/05/20
Watch Your Mom9Milf01/07/19
Show My BF5Big dick01/05/19
Slut Stepmom3Taboo01/06/20
Teens Love Cream8Teens01/10/19
Seduced by a Cougar472Milf01/06/22
My Daughter's Hot Friend103Hardcore01/08/22
LA Sluts4Hardcore01/02/19
My Wife is my Pornstar58Milf01/06/18
Wives no Vacation15Milf01/09/20
Naughty Weddings53Reality01/04/22
Dirty Wives Club225Hardcore01/08/22
My Dad's hot Girlfriend349Reality01/04/22
My Girl Loves Anal64Anal01/08/22
Anal College5Anal01/02/19
Lesbian Girl on Girl10Lesbian01/04/17
I Have a Wife623Milf01/08/22
Naughty Bookworms579Coeds01/08/22
Housewife 1 on 1475POV01/08/22
My Wife's Hot Friend465Milf01/08/22
Latin Adultery354Latina01/07/22
Ass Masterpiece187Anal01/02/22
2 Chicks Same Time241Threesome01/07/22
My Friend's Hot Girl253Hardcore01/12/18
Neighbor Affair407Hardcore01/08/22
My Girlfriend's Busty Friend181Big boobs01/07/22
Naughty Athletics205Hardcore01/07/22
My Naughty Massage39Massage01/10/20
Fast Times157Hardcore01/06/22
The Passenger4Reality01/08/15
Milf Sugar Babes33Milf01/10/20
Perfect Fucking Strangers54Hardcore01/08/22
American Daydreams257Hardcore01/08/22
SoCal Coeds46Coeds01/02/22
Naughty Country Girls30Hardcore01/12/21
Diary of a Milf124Milf01/05/22
Naughty Rich Girls104Hardcore01/12/21
My Naughty Latin Maid53Latina01/10/21
Naughty America94Pornstars01/01/22
Diary of a Nanny88Reality 01/09/21
Naughty Flipside20Hardcore 01/09/07
Tonight's Fuck6Hardcore01/12/13
Live Party Girl261Pornstars01/08/10
Live Naughty Student183Pornstars01/08/10
Live Naughty Secretary273Pornstars01/08/10
Live Gym Cam341Pornstars01/08/10
Live Naughty Teacher183Pornstars01/08/10
Live Naughty Milf122Pornstar Milf01/08/10
Live Naughty Nurse244Pornstars01/08/10

As of 1st September 2022:

  • Total video count 11,054
  • Total Virtual Reality videos 779
  • Number of pornstars listed 2,817
  • Categories of porn 434

A list of recent Naughty America movies can be found on the Adult Film Database listing page here.

Review Sites Scores for the Naughty America Network

Adult Reviews 98.7/100
98.7/100 Adult Reviews recommends everyone gives Naughty America a try. It scores just about top marks for everything, and gains the praise: Only the best mega-site networks can be mentioned in the same breath as Naughty America.
Reviewed Porn 98.9/100
At Reviewed Porn, Naughty America only loses a few marks for quality (14.9/15) and for cost, which is why we offer it at a discount. The review praises the amount of content and variety and says of the network, Naughty America is a heavenly place for the hottest real American sweethearts turned porn stars.
Porn Inspector 4.8/5
The inspector gives Naughty America 4.8 out of 5, but the points it drops are because of the users' rating of four out of five. The review praises the layout of the members' area, the porn itself and the value for money, and calls Naughty America a true powerhouse network.
Review Porn 87/100
This review site scores slightly differently than the others, thus Naughty America gets 87/100. One of the few features that doesn't receive full marks is the 'ever-expanding' pages of content. It seems members have to scroll long pages rather than click through numbered index pages. The review concludes with, If you want quality and quantity combined in one well-priced membership, then it's time to get naughty.

Naughty America Industry Awards

Over the years, Naughty America and Pure Play Media have been nominated for and won several adult industry awards. Naughty American continues to make award-winning content, but here are some of their historical awards and nominations.

  • 2008: AVN Best Ethnic-Themed Series (Asian) award for the Asian 1 on 1 series.
  • 2011: AVN Best Ethnic-Themed Series (Latin) award for the Latin Adultery series.
  • 2012: XBIZ Awards for Latin-Themed Series of the Year for 'Latin Adultery'
    Studio Site of the Year for
  • 2013: Multiple XBIZ Award nominations including 'Studio of the Year' and 'Vignette Series of the Year' for My Sister's Hot Friend Vol. 25 and Tonight's Girlfriend Vol. 7. Additional nominations
    include 'Vignette Series of the Year' for My Wife's Hot Friend.
    Numerous XBIZ Awards for 'Vignette Series of the Year' and 'New Series of the Year' for Tonight's Girlfriend, 'Latin-Themed Series of the Year' for Latin Adultery, and 'Studio Site of the Year'.
  • 2014: XBIZ Award in the category of 'Vignette Series of the Year' for "Tonight's Girlfriend."

Reflecting on Naughty America's Impressive Journey

Since its founding in 2001, Naughty America has proved to be one of the world's favourite porn production companies, DVD producers and adult websites. That's due to its variety, and its attention to quality in all productions. It has started the careers of many a top-name porn star. It's not been without controversy, but it has maintained a high standard of production and is a leading light in the adult entertainment industry. That is due to its simple philosophy: “We deliver quality adult entertainment that features the sexual practices of the American bedroom”, and they do it, as Jefferson said, for “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Access to Naughty America and Naughty American VR is available at discount prices. All discount memberships include full access.

Note: Naughty America pages return a 'page not found' error message when browsers are routed through certain VPNs or ad blockers.

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