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Getting a Doghouse Digital membership will bring over 1536 naughty videos from the largest, and best known, porn production company in Montreal Canada. Content here is definitely hardcore, with hot group action including anal and double penetration. The discount price of $9.99 also includes 6 great bonus sites at no extra cost.



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6 Bonus Sites
HD videos
Exclusive content
Mobile friendly
Bonus sites
Great production values
Regular updates

Doghouse Digital Discount Review

Doghouse Digital supplies members with a great variety of HD naughty porn and the low price of $9.99 this is a great deal.

Fancy a trip to the wilds of Canada? Then Doghouse Digital is the way to go. This content come from a top Canadian porn production company who make adult DVDs that sell well in the stores. Here though, they let you see them all online for a good and discounted membership fee, and they also promise you updates and access to four sites under one roof. It’s a large collection of general hardcore, with good looking models, a mix of professionals and amateurs I would say, hung guys dealing with wet pussy and willing mouths, and there is plenty of hardcore to go around.

There were well over 1536 scenes when I called into the site and updates were happening every couple of days. These scenes come with a choice of up to seven stream or download options in Mp4 format, some of which are suitable for mobile devices. The top resolution is at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 7,000 kbps or more, and looks great. There are then lower resolution versions including 720p and 540p, with the mobile ones coming out at 240p or 160p; again, they look good as long as you have them on the right sizes screen. Having said that, the mid-range ones still produced good quality viewing at their sizes and I had no complaints about quality at all.

Movies run for around 20 minutes per scene, though there may be some shorter ones in there showing cum shots or other choice moments from the collection. You can also browse by DVD title and there were over 180 full DVDs to choose from. (Imagine what that would cost to buy n the shops.) These are shown with some details about the DVDs, links to the models in the big model index, and then their component scenes all laid out and easy to browse. The site also carries nearly 1,000 image galleries with often over 300 shots per set. These are shown on neat thumbnail pages and blow up to 1,280 x 1,920 when at full size, though they start off scaled down and come with easy navigation tools, slideshows, and zip file downloads.

Then you move on to the extras and bonuses. You do really well for that kind of thing at Doghouse Digital, with over 2,500 videos to check out in total. On the downside, and it’s only a slight one, there are no places to post your comments, though you can rate scenes, and there are advanced search functions for the site. Watch out for a pre-checked cross sale on the join pages but take advantage for the longer-term signups which give extra value for money.

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Overall conclusion

Doghouse Digital offers you a big and fast growing collection of Canadian porn videos, taken from for-sale DVDs and presented here, often in HD. Older content may not have the same amount of viewing options, but the 1080p HD newer movies are excellent quality, and the older ones are fine too. Galleries add, model index and bonus sites add even more value to a good, strong and low-cost collection of hardcore.

Last verified on May 28, 2024 by Jamie

Content details

  • HD Porn Yes
  • Number of videos 1,536+
  • Updates a Month 4+
  • Works on mobile Yes
  • Exclusive videos Yes

Bonus sites included

This discounted porn membership deal includes full access to 6 bonus sites:

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Member Support

For any issues or problems with Doghouse Digital's website, you can use these details to contact their support staff.

sixtyseconds 2022-04-14 19:26:40

such as great site, stunning girls and a lot of new content!

Doghouse Digital Membership FAQ

What Is The Doghouse Digital Pricing?

Doghouse Digital offers a limited-access tour plus three full memberships, and we have discounts for two of them.

  • Limited access, two-day trial membership at $0.00. This membership recurs at $34.99 every 30 days if not cancelled in time, and you won't have the benefit of our discount.
  • 30-day membership. Usually priced at $29.95 per 30 days, our discount membership comes in at only $9.99 for the first 30 days.
  • Three-month membership, $59.99 per period (equivalent to $19.99 per month), no discount, recurring.
  • 12-month memberships are at $119.88, but with our discount you pay only $9.99 a month. After 365 days, the membership renews at $89.99 every 365 days until cancelled.

There is the optional addition of the 'premium' membership, and this is pre-selected for you on the payment page. If you don't want to pay $1.00 for two days of premium, and then a further $34.97 every thirty day

How Can I Pay For A Doghouse Digital Membership?

Doghouse Digital offers three payment methods shown as icons on the pricing page.

  1. You can sign up with a credit card in the standard way through ProBiller, a tried and tested payment processor.
  2. Mile High Media, who own Doghouse Digital accepts gift cards. Click this option, find your card brand, and click the icon. Full instructions are given.
  3. Cryptocurrency is also accepted and handled by ProBiller. Select the icon, then your kind of currency, enter the details, and start the membership.

How Many Sites Do I Get With This Network?

Doghouse Digital is part of Mile High Media, and you will be able to access that network with this membership. Mile High includes 6 bonus sites, Sweetheart Video, Family Sinners, Sweet Sinner and Reality Junkies. These hold over 3,000+ scenes in addition to the 1536 movies you find at Doghouse Digital. You will also get Mile High updates to add to the 4 Doghouse updates every month.

Is My Doghouse Digital Discount For The Lifetime Of The Membership?

As you will see on the Doghouse Digital membership options page, our discounts recur at the end of each billing period, and will continue to do so until you cancel the membership (see below).

Our offer of $9.99 is for the first 30 days of membership. After that, the membership will recur at $29.95 every 30 days. Our annual membership at $67 will recur at that same price until cancelled. The non-discount 90-day membership also remains at the same price every quarter. Note that 'monthly' means every 30 days, and billing may not always happen on the same day each month.

Can I Download Movies, Or Is There A Download Limit With This Membership?

You can download movies, but this will cost you extra. Like many of the larger networks and sites today, Doghouse Digital offers unrestricted streaming-only memberships as outlined above, but these do not include the ability to download.

If you want to keep the movies, you will have to pay an extra $14.99 per month on top of your membership, and there are instructions on how to do this inside the members' area. This is the 'premium' add-on you see pre-selected on the sign-up page, so if you want the downloads, you can opt for the premium membership and its extra cost when you sign up.

Is There A Cheaper Yearly Doghouse Digital Discount?

By far the cheapest way to access Doghouse Digital is with an annual membership. The site's standard monthly price is $29.95. Multiply that by 12 months and you can see what a bargain our annual discount of 67% really is. You will only have to pay $119.88 every 365 days, and will still have access to the full set of videos, the bonuses and all future updates. This is also cheaper than paying for the quarterly membership four times per year.

Should I Sign Up For A Doghouse Digital Trial?

Doghouse Digital offers a two-day, limited access trial membership for only $0.00 which sounds like a good deal. However, there are things to be aware of. If you don't cancel within the 48 hours after signing up, you will automatically be charged $34.99 every 30 days, and this is higher than our monthly discount offer, where you can gain 30 days of full access for only $9.99.

Also, trial access is limited. Although this is not fully explained on the tour, it seems you will only be able to stream a few videos and may not get to see everything that full membership brings you.

Are Doghouse Digital Videos In 4K HD?

Not every video is in 4K HD because some of the content predates the introduction of that resolution. However, of the 1536 videos currently available, over 1,000 of them come with a 4K HD viewing option. Others are at 1080p or 720p if older, and the quality is always of a DVD release standard. The 4K HD movies stream at 3,840 x 2,160 so make sure your connection can handle that. Downloads, when paid for, also include a 4K HD option on over 1,000 movies, and download files are in Mp4 format.

Will The Movies Play On Mobile Devices?

Doghouse Digital has a functional user interface and is now designed to work on mobile screens and on desktops. The pages may not look exactly the same and the menus might be placed differently, but everything you see on your desktop is there on your iPad, phone or tablet.

The movies stream/download in Mp4 format, so should be compatible with just about every device. Some of the downloaded movies will be large files, over 3 Gb in some cases, because these are full-length scenes and shot and shown in 4K HD, so make sure you have enough storage space.

How Do I Cancel My Doghouse Digital Membership?

The Doghouse Digital sign-up page holds a link to the cancelation policy. This can be found at the bottom of the page, and leads you to the support service for Mile High Media. There, you have the options of using a toll-free phone service (USA), other numbers if you're not in the USA, and a Skype service for free. You're able to cancel by phone, text chat or the online service.

However you contact the cancelation service, you will need your username and password. You may also be asked for your credit card reference, your initial site ID sent on your sign-up acceptance email, and your email address. Once you have cancelled, you will receive an email telling you so. There is a helpful FAQ section on the Mile High Media support page.

What Kind Of Porn Do I Get With A Doghouse Digital Membership?

You will find varied porn inside this membership area. There is no single niche or theme, thus there is a large category list with 28 varied headings. You're in for scenario scenes with taboo stepfamily sex, Milfs and grans, Teens and babes, and plenty of hardcore. Among the top categories are anal, double penetration and cumshot, and the other sections are set out beneath the headings pornstar, action and story.

There are 1536 scenes to choose from and 6 bonus sites attached. With 4 updates per month, those numbers will soon change, but the bottom line is, you're going to find well-made, studio-released DVD standard porn, with many 4K HD streams, and plenty of regular new content.

Is Doghouse Digital The Best Video Porn Site In The Video Category?

Doghouse Digital is listed under our video category because it is primarily a DVD-release company. You could also consider it an all-access network pass because it gives you access to the Mile High Media of sites too. However, for hardcore porn production standards, DVD releases, and now, 4K HD videos, it's a site that's hard to beat.

It's not one of those that simply puts up scenes belonging to anyone's DVDs and stocks its pages with videos of any quality. This company and site produce their own in-house movies, and make some exclusive content for the site. Who's to say if it is the best, but it's certainly up there among them, that's for sure.

Is Doghouse Digital Better Than Devil's Film?

Let's say you compared Doghouse Digital to another site we offer for $9.99 per month, Devil's Film. Both are porn production studios, both make their own content and both have a good stock of it in their members' areas. Devil's Film is larger in terms of content count, and it offers more bonuses, but the main difference is the style of the filming and the presentation. Size isn't everything, they say, and so it doesn't matter if Doghouse has fewer movies, they are their own, exclusively made ones, and they are all yours for up to 67% off the standard membership price.

Do I Need A Doghouse Digital Coupon Code To Get This Deal?

No, we don't deal in porn coupons. Instead, we embed our discount codes into the site's sign-up pages, so when you click through and arrive, your money-saving offers are already waiting for you. All you need do is select your discount membership and complete the form. There's no need for coupons when you have this streamlined service.

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